Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hellloooo......skool is in two more daiiizz so scared ok tania calm down im so scared but at the same time im excited to see my fwendszz....and im gonna get ready to narrow niduhs focus to her work since dia is gonna be der...lolz its ok nida ill be der to make you focus..haha

My strawberrikinszzzz im so happy for you n make me proud gurl....i hope to see a business with your name soon insha-allah hehehe businesswoman ala...hehe it'll suit you perfectly ala... :)

I miss fida...her birthday is cumin soonzz and one day later it will be yazi's birthday....i wanna giv u ur prezzie fidfid but i dunno how??? plz pplz give me sum ideas pleasee....

Oh yeh last tuesday me n tee went to watch enchanted and we took picz in the foto booth and we played this clown game in leisure island...its lyke this huge clown where we have a time limit to put it in as much balls as we can haha me tee n her two sistaz did it n we got so much ticketss hahha all togetha we all helped tee to get 52 tickects and it think even more n she got dis moo keyring n dis ring set for her lil sis....shes so sweet isnt she lolz...

Aniweizz takecare everybody....and i hope to post agen tomorrow

bye bye

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