Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

A day to remember

12th of February 2008 is a day to remember

Hello girly'ss on this day i had so much fun and my dreams and prayers got true

I got good marks for my test

i got 90% for both chem and history omg i neva get 90% in history especially for an essay!!! from what i can remember and 90% for chem calculations...

I got 94% or was it 92% i dont knoe one of them for P.E. and i got 75% for english and to me i wrote rubbish and i passed the hard maths test!!!

On this day we had a lab for chem and we had so much fun lolz....we were practically playing around hahahah

Oh yeh in the bus me chainab n ghazal went absolutely n chainab wanted chocolate becoz idil was selling we thought of putting our money togetha....i put my money and her money and we had $2 but all of a sudden ghazal pointed out that we were short of 50 n chainab screamed and we were like we had two we suspected ghazal but she didnt have it and uzma looked suspicious bt she also didnt have it...we searched for the whole bus and were so angry that we were screaming and the bus was noisy becoz of us...i sed ok we juz owe her 50 cents and idil agreed but chainab was like oh maybe allah doesnt want us to eat choclate, i opened the wrapper and she refused to eat it but after i forced she ate it at the end n we started laughing bcoz we were like babies, we got the things we want so were satisfied lolz...

Until the next day....ghazal was blaming it on chainab bcoz we checked my bag like 2 or 3 times and it wasnt there and then i was in english opened my bag and there it was sitting there my 50 cents lolz.